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Our Members:

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What is National and European Parliamentarians for Cancer Action?

Bringing together National and European parliamentarians who are committed to beating cancer and tackling inequalities in cancer on a national and European basis, this new Network for political action will: 

  • Heighten political understanding of the inequalities in cancer care requiring priority attention across Europe 
  • Identify key legislative and other opportunities for targeted action to reduce inequalities in cancer care, including at both national and European level 
  • Convey political consensus and recommendations from politicians across Europe united in shared resolve to improve the fight against cancer in all European countries 

Membership of National and European Parliamentarians for Cancer Action is an active demonstration of an individual’s personal commitment to unified action on cancer, across political and national divides. Click on the image below for more information.

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European Cancer Summit 2022 Launch

We are grateful to all parliamentarians who were able to join us both virtually and in person for the launch of this group. 

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An allied initiative also launched at the 2022 Summit, the European Cancer Pulse, will more accurately track and record cancer inequalities in Europe, helping to pinpoint areas for priority political action:

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How We Operate

Bringing together national and European cancer policy champions and as a bottom-up cross-border network, ‘Parliamentarians for Cancer Action’ will be driven by its members. Members will be responsible for identifying priorities and key action areas to tackle pertinent challenges and issues in cancer care prevailing in their countries.  

Our Guiding Principles 

  • We are committed to reducing inequalities in cancer care and addressing the most pressing cancer policy issues across Europe 
  • We use latest country data and evidence to inform our discussions, decisions, and policy solutions 
  • We listen, learn, and recognise that while each country faces its unique cancer challenges, working together we can make important steps to solve them 
  • We share best practices openly and foster collaboration and expertise-sharing 
  • We work to empower each other to drive change in cancer care 

For more information about National and European Parliamentarians for Cancer Action, and how to get involved, please contact us: