Focused Topic Networks

On behalf of its Member Societies and patient advocacy groups, the European Cancer Organisation convenes interested stakeholders around 8 important topics.

Led by co-chairs from our Member Societies, these Networks are being established to facilitate consensus and joint projects in our Strategy 2020-2023.  The programme of the European Cancer Summit is also based on these 8 topics.

In the Spotlight

In this section of our homepage, we highlight the latest range of activities that our members, patient advocates and team are working on, to support our Mission and Vision.

Report from the Webinar on Europe's Beating Cancer Plan

On 1 April 2020, the European Cancer Organisation hosted a Webinar on Europe's Beating Cancer Plan bringing together representatives from the European Commission, @EuropeanCancer Member Societies and Patient Advisory Committee in a lively discussion.

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  • Cancer and COVID-19

    No area of cancer care left undamaged. A call for action.

    Based on reports received by the European Cancer Organisation from patient representatives and healthcare professionals across many countries, the harmful impacts to cancer services created by the COVID-19 lockdown measures can be evidenced across the cancer care continuum.

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  • 12 Points for a High Impact Beating Cancer Plan

    A checklist for an ambitious, unifying and change-making Plan

    Developed in discussion and agreement with members of the European Cancer Organisation and its Patient Advisory Committee, the following 12 points are intended to provide a checklist to ensure that Europe's Beating Cancer Plan meets the needs identified by the stakeholder community.

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Our Member Societies

Our 28 Member Societies are experts in their discipline or profession and elect our Board.  They contribute to our Focused Topic Networks and policy approval pathway.


Receiving a cancer diagnosis is life-changing. Plans, perspectives and so much else, immediately take on different dimensions. New encounters lie ahead, which can inevitably be accompanied by a mixture of emotions, including uncertainty, fear, and a sense of lost security.

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