Foundations laid, communities of cooperation created, but a job still to be finished...

“Time to Accelerate: Together Against Cancer” is a manifesto of recommendations for the future of EU cancer policy under the next European Commission 2024-2029. The manifesto was unveiled on 15 November during the European Cancer Summit.

It represents the result of inputs and consultations with many organisations and individuals active in pan-European cancer policy cooperation, and specific consultation with the Focused Topic Networks of the European Cancer Organisation. 

The recommendations reflect experiences and perspectives gathered during an unprecedented five-year period in EU cancer policy, with landmark attention and investment provided via both Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the EU Research Mission on Cancer.

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Delivering promise and potential in full

Time to Accelerate salutes and congratulates EU Member States and the European Commission for the commitment both initiatives represent, and the hope they offer in bringing about a new era of cross-border cooperation in cancer care.

But this promise for the future must not be diminished or extinguished by any rush towards new agendas and alternative prospectuses under a new European Commission.

The seeds only so recently planted by Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the EU Research Mission on Cancer must be nourished to full growth. Political commitments should be refreshed. We must continue to acknowledge and respond to gaps, fresh needs and the ever-present advances in science, practice and technology in our European cancer community.


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