Rositsa Vassileva Pandova-Yovkova

Representative, National Assembly, Bulgaria







Rositsa Vassileva Pandova-Yovkova was born in 1968 in Razlog, Bulgaria. She graduated from high school in her hometown and obtained a master's degree in preschool and music pedagogy at the Higher Pedagogical Institute in Blagoevgrad.

Until 2012, she was a teacher at the University of Pedagogy in Razlog. Rositsa Pandova-Yovkova worked in the field of culture, art, media and education, building on her competences and expertise in various fields. She devotes herself to the benefit of children and people with diabetes and other chronic diseases, turning this into her mission. She has been a sales director and manager of a medical device company.

In 2004, she founded the non-profit association "Culture without Borders", which she led until the end of June 2023 when she was elected as a Member of Parliament.

She is the founder of the movement of people with diabetes called "Diabetes does not stop us" and actively works for the introduction of innovative technological means in the therapy of diabetes. She conducts trainings in the country for medical professionals and educators on the integration of children with diabetes, under the same title she organises and conducts National Diabetes Meetings and National Training Camps for families of children with diabetes and other chronic diseases, she has contributed to the socialisation of people who have suffered serious illnesses or traumas. She is active as a trainer to promote health promotion and prevention programs and social welfare.

She has been a member of the political party, Continuing Change, since 2022. She recognises the values and priorities of the party and works to promote them.

As of 2023, Rositsa Pandova-Yovkova has been an MP in the 49th National Assembly for the PP-DB. The profile with which she is recognisable is related to her active work as a civil activist mainly in the health sector.

She is a member of the Health Committee and the Committee on Direct Citizen Participation and Interaction with Civil Society. She participates in the contact group of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the expert group on health of the political party We Continue the Change.