Alessandra Moretti MEP

Member, COVI Committee, Italy


Born in Vicenza in 1973. Lawyer.

In 2013 elected member of the Italian Parliament, member of the Justice Committee.

In 2014, she was elected to the European Parliament where she worked on the dossier on European maternity and paternity law.

In 2019 elected for a second term in the European Parliament. Committees of Competence:
BECA (mandate expired)


On 7 June,  Alessandra Moretti hosted ECO and Fondazione Veronesi joint event at the European Parliament, titled Tobacco taxation policies for a smoke-free Europe.

The panel, which counted more than 40 participants, explored the strategic role of tobacco taxation, to combat tobacco as one of the preventable risk factors when it comes to cancer and non-communicable diseases in general. 

The event explored how national strategies against tobacco consumption can be improved and better aligned, and identified the best practices in different Member States on tobacco taxation policies.

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