Nicolás González Casares MEP

Member, ENVI Committee, Spain


Born in A Coruña (Galicia-Spain) in 1972, he studied nursing at the University of Santiago de Compostela, working in 061 -Emergency service- and as a specialist teacher in life support, where he is the author of the Manual of advanced life support in pre-hospital emergencies (2007) among other health publications.

In parallel, Gonzalez Casares has developed his political career at the local level, becoming first deputy mayor and councillor for Urbanism, Social Services, Health and Sport during the last legislature in Lalín, a village in the heart of Galicia.

In the European Parliament, he is a member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy - where he is the spokesperson for the Spanish Socialist Delegation for Energy -, the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee and the Committee on Fisheries.

González Casares have been part of the European Parliament Delegation that participated in the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25). He’s also been Socialist rapporteur in ITRE for the Climate Law and recently the Energy sector integration strategy. Currently he is working as Socialist rapporteur for the ITRE opinion on the Methane strategy.

Recently, he has been also member of the Special Committee on Beating Cancer, and rapporteur for the European Medicines Agency regulation.