Tracking Inequalities in Cancer

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The European Cancer Pulse ( was launched at the European Cancer Summit 2022.

Click on the map below to access the tool.

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At last... A quick and easy way to discover disparities in cancer care - from country to country and within society - all across Europe.

Introducing a powerful new tool to provide essential data in cancer care across the region. For the first time, you'll be able to easily visualise cancer inequalities, across and within countries, on:

  • Cancer burden
  • Research spending
  • Prevention efforts
  • Early detection
  • Diagnosis and treatment access
  • Survivorship
  • Impact of social determinants
  • and much more

And with our new tool, it couldn't be easier.  

Explanatory Videos on How to Use the Tool


This tool will also be important for our new National and European Parliamentarians for Cancer Action group ( as it will help feed into their activities with the aim to tackle inequalities in cancer on a national and European basis:

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More on our work related to cancer inequalities - Inequalities Network:

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