Tracking Inequalities in Cancer

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The European Cancer Pulse ( has been officially launched at the European Cancer Summit 2022 today, 16 November, during the session 'Action on Cancer Inequalities: Our Shared Roadmap'.

Click on the map below to access the tool.

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At last... A quick and easy way to discover disparities in cancer care - from country to country and within society - all across Europe.

Introducing a powerful new tool to provide essential data in cancer care across the region. For the first time, you'll be able to easily visualise cancer inequalities, across and within countries, on:

  • Cancer burden
  • Research spending
  • Prevention efforts
  • Early detection
  • Diagnosis and treatment access
  • Survivorship
  • Impact of social determinants
  • and much more

And with our new tool, it couldn't be easier.  

This tool will also be important for our new National and European Parliamentarians for Cancer Action group ( as it will help feed into their activities with the aim to tackle inequalities in cancer on a national and European basis:

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More on our work related to cancer inequalities - Inequalities Network:

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