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INTERACT-EUROPE 100 is open to cancer centres from across Europe. Apply now to be among the 100 cancer centres participating, offering your cancer care professionals an array of multidisciplinary training for the next three years. Training begins in 2024. 

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Blueprint white boredersINTERACT-EUROPE 100 has a clear and unwavering objective: improve cancer care by improving the collaboration of those providing it. The INTERACT-EUROPE vision is all about breaking down medical silos. It provides professionals from different specialties with the skills to communicate with each other more effectively for better patient care.

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Apply now to have your cancer centre be part of the INTERACT-EUROPE 100 project, providing an array of multidisciplinary training for the next three years. 




Implementing inter-specialty cancer training in 100 centres across Europe

Discover a fundamentally different way of training cancer care professionals

This project is connected to the ECO Workforce Network. Find out more.

Cancer patients in Europe are treated by an array of different specialties and professions: medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, cancer nurses and many others. Teamwork is essential. But high functioning teamwork requires a clear understanding of each other’s roles and competencies. 

INTERACT-EUROPE 100 is an ambitious project to provide cancer care professionals with the training necessary to enhance this collaboration – now coming to 100 cancer centres across Europe. 

Building upon the work of INTERACT-EUROPE, its predecessor, INTERACT-EUROPE 100 is a 36-month project (December 2023 – December 2026). It is co-funded by the European Union under the EU4Health programme 2021-2027 as part of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. It involves 38 partner organisations from 15 European countries implementing this novel training curriculum.


See the work packages of INTERACT-EUROPE 100

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INTERACT-EUROPE 100 Advisory Board


The INTERACT-EUROPE 100 Team would like to express our profound gratitude to the experts who confirmed their involvement on the project Advisory Board.

This committee is made up of leaders in a variety of fields, including oncology professionals not represented within the Consortium, as well as international authorities in oncology education and research.

They will review the strategic development of the project and test the concepts underpinning its implementation and will meet periodically.

The Importance of Multidisciplinary Cancer Care


Co-chair Maja Čemažar was interviewed by the European Commission and explained why a multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care is key, and how INTERACT-EUROPE 100 and its Inter-Specialty Cancer Training Programme contributes to support Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan.

'By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among oncology experts across Europe, we are creating a network of supported expertise that goes beyond borders and will reduce inequities in cancer care.' she says.

Watch the full interview here!

The Launch of INTERACT-EUROPE 100

This project is connected to the ECO Workforce Network. Find out more.

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On 8 and 9 February, the European Cancer Organisation launched the second phase of the EU co-funded project for an Inter-Specialty Cancer Training Programme.

The inaugural event served not only to showcase the project's goals and impact but also to gather stakeholder insights, advice, and priorities for what inter-specialty training they wanted for their own cancer teams. Given the project's core concept of including 100 cancer centres from across Europe, their input was crucial.

Guests networked with project partners, officials, policy makers, and patient representatives, as they developed this new frontier in cancer training.

Participants engaged in:

- 8 February: An evening reception at the European Commission’s regional representation office in Barcelona, with informative talks followed by dinner and networking with political figures, cancer centre representatives, consortium members, and project leadership.

- 9 February: Kick-off event at the Paediatric Cancer Centre Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (HSJD), including the presentation of the INTERACT-EUROPE 100 project and the gathering of feedback in a free-flowing exchange with cancer centre directors and consortium members.

Attendees had a direct impact on the future of this innovative training programme.

Discover more about the first phase of the INTERACT-EUROPE programme, including videos and documents, here.



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