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Cancer care and treatment are simply not possible without the cancer workforce. At the European level, there is much that that be progressed in respect to such issues: as elevating training and development; promoting labour mobility and professional qualification recognition; and safeguarding working conditions.

For these reasons and more, during 2019, our member societies and patient advocacy groups identified Workforce as key area to prioritise for collaboration.

Our co-chairs Prof Andreas Charalambous, Dr Mirjam Crul and Prof Geerard Beets are in the process of convening interested member societies, patient groups, Community 365 and other invited stakeholders, to set the agenda for 2020 and beyond.  More information will be available soon.

In addition, this year's European Cancer Summit on 18 & 19 November will include a session on Workforce.  Find out more here

Download the current Focused Topic Networks overview here. This document is regularly evolving based on discussions and agreed workstreams within each Network.

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