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Engage with our stakeholder activities

Be part of the new opportunity we created for Engaged External Consultative Supporters.

This is our pathway for close engagement of relevant stakeholders in the implementation of EU-funded Projects that we are coordinating or participating in.

We aim: 

  • To promote inclusiveness in the delivery of EU flagship health policy and EU-funded projects and
  • Optimise impact and create avenues to influence policy. 

Do you represent a healthcare, research or patient organisation?

If you want to be an external supporter of an EU-funded project that we  are coordinating or participating in, press the button below and fill in the form. 

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Future collaboration & consortium opportunities

If you have any questions relating to the EU Projects we're coordinating, or are interested in discussing collaboration and consortium opportunities, please complete the form using the button further below.

EU Funding Opportunities Assessment Process:
Engage with our stakeholder activities

The European Cancer Organisation (ECO) reviews and considers EU Funding Opportunities in two main ways:

  1. Reviewing published calls for their potential interest for the organisation, its Member Societies, Patient Advocacy groups, Focused Topic Networks and in accordance with its Mission.

  2. Being approached by emerging consortia to participate within bids being prepared

The following provides a short outline of the procedure that is followed in relation to the latter.

Governance principles

A member of the ECO Executive Committee is assigned with the role of ‘EU funding liaison’ to assist the President and ECO staff team with timely decision-making, as well as review and advise on applications being prepared.

Supporting the EU funding liaison, the ECO Executive Committee conducts a decision-making role as notified and requested, with input requested from the full ECO Board where possible in terms of deadlines and with the ECO Board being kept fully informed.

Approaches from consortia to participate in emerging bids

On receipt of an invitation to participate in a consortium led by another organisation, a standard form should be completed by the organisation inviting ECO and the EU funding liaison should be notified and asked for opinion.

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