Medical Literature and Evidence for the European Code of Cancer Practice

Mark Lawler*, Kathy Oliver*, Stefan Gijssels*, Sema Erdem, Jan Geissler, Jacek Jassem, Yolande Lievens, Francoise Meunier, Peter Naredi, Richard Sullivan, Galina Velikova, Eduard Vrdoljak, Nils Wilking, Peter Selby*#.

1.   Introduction
2.  The Cancer Control Context
3.  What is Good Practice in Clinical Cancer Care?
4.  Patient Involvement, Engagement and Empowerment
5.  Patient Advocacy Organisations and the Patient Advisory Committee
6.  What Innovations are Changing Cancer Care and Influencing Good Practice?
7.  The European Code of Cancer Practice:

    7.1   Equal Access
    7.2  Information
    7.3  Quality of Care, Expertise and Best Outcomes
    7.4  Specialised Multidisciplinary Care
    7.5  Shared Decision-Making
    7.6  Research and Innovation
    7.7  Quality-of-Life (QoL)
    7.8  Integrated Palliative and Supportive Care
    7.9  Survivorship and Rehabilitation
    7.10 Reintegration

8.  Current Initiatives Within the European Union
9.  Conclusions
10. Figures
11.  Tables
12. Acknowledgements
13. References

*These authors contributed equally as the Drafting Committee
# Corresponding Author