Table 1
Avoidable deaths in 2010 in EU: two different survival improvement scenarios (28)

Table 2
Technical efficiency in the production of 5-year net survival in breast cancer and lung cancer, 2015 (6)

Table 3
The DREAM interview: key components and skills needed (59)

Table 4
A newly diagnosed patient with colorectal cancer who wants to see a CNS

Table 5
The resection rate in a hospital for all patients deemed potentially curative

Table 6
Information for CRC patients having a major resection

Table 7
The proportion of CRC patients having major resection for stage III colon cancer who then receive adjuvant chemotherapy.

Table 8
Definition of a Comprehensive Cancer Care Network (122)

Table 9
Research benefits

Table 10
Recommended model of professional psychological assessment and support (from reference 171)

Table 11
The main messages on Survivorship from the CanCon Member State Joint Action Against Cancer (5)

Table 12
Advice to employers (204)


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