Patient Advocacy Organisations and the Patient Advisory Committee

Patient Advocacy organisations are increasingly engaged in forming policy and strategy for improving cancer outcomes in Europe, which represents a positive gain for European cancer patients and societies.  For example, the Patient Advisory Committee of the European Cancer Organisation, established in 2008, provides a setting for 20 European patient organisations and bodies involved in patient care, to work together with Member Societies and provide the European Cancer Organisation with direct insight into the issues and challenges faced by cancer patients especially also on inequalities in cancer care across European regions (13).

"The European Cancer Organisation strongly believes that the voice of patients should help guide our actions. We live by that value in having patients as members of the Executive, advising us in all that we do.  Meeting the challenges of cancer prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and survivorship together, in partnership with the Patient Advisory Committee, gives enormous spirit to our work."

Dr Matti Aapro - President of the European Cancer Organisation

ESMO (29) in collaboration with the European Cancer Patient Coalition (ECPC,88) produce ESMO Cancer Patient Guides and European cancer patient advocacy organisations as well as the Workshop of European Cancer Patient Advocacy Networks( WECAN), co-produce a wide range of policy and strategy papers to identifying ways to improve cancer practice and outcomes (4, 13, 44, 48, 88).


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