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Primary prevention interventions, aimed at preventing the onset of cancer through action on modifiable risk factors, are the most cost-effective strategy in the control of cancer. These notably include population-wide awareness campaigns, such as the European Code Against Cancer, and legislative or regulatory initiatives, such as tobacco control measures and actions aimed at improving diet and encouraging exercise.

Secondary prevention measures, such as cancer screening, and other policies aimed at achieving earlier diagnosis of cancer can also help to achieve dramatically improved outcomes for patients.

However, policy recommendations in these areas are not always without controversy, and a core potential role of the Prevention Network may be found in driving fresh and stronger consensus in areas chosen by its members for focus.

Co-chaired by Jan van Meerbeeck and Isabel Teresa Rubio, the Network is currently being established and will present publicly its early considerations at the European Cancer Summit, taking place on 18 & 19 November. More information here.

Download the current Focused Topic Networks overview here. This document is regularly evolving based on discussions and agreed workstreams within each Network.

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