Campaign Success! ECO Celebrates a New Era in EU Cancer Screening Policy

The European Cancer Organisation (ECO) applauds the vote by EU Health Ministers today that expands cancer screening in the European Union.  The new recommendations include comprehensive strategies for earlier detection of breast, cervical, colorectal, lung, prostate and gastric cancer.

"Today, we have seen science translated into policy," said Professor Andreas Charalambous, president of the European Cancer Organisation.  "We are delighted that, at the end of a lengthy process, EU member states have followed much of the advice provided by the EU’s Scientific Advice Mechanism. Thousands of lives can be saved if countries now implement these new recommendations."

"It’s now up to each of us to help raise awareness of the recommendations and actively support their implementation in each EU country."

Discussions between EU Member State Governments on the content of EU Cancer Screening Recommendations were open until November 2022. The European Cancer Organisation encouraged all stakeholders and citizens wishing to support the campaign for bold and ambitious EU Cancer Screening Recommendations.

The template letter drafted by ECO was made available to the public. It could be  translated, amended accordingly, and sent to your national Health Minister by anyone wishing to support the campaign. Citizens were also invited to submit any relevant email contacts for their country at



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