Time To Act with Unity

Don’t let Covid-19 stop you from tackling Cancer.


Some things are bigger than politics. Cancer is one of them.

The Time To Act campaign is pleased to have support from across all party groupings at the European level and encourages politicians of every perspective to come together for the common good. Cancer will not wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to end. Real and practical measures can be taken NOW.

We commend the political leadership of the European Parliament in establishing a strong esprit de corps through its Special Committee on Beating Cancer (BECA). Its work in ensuring all representatives work as one towards beating cancer is a model for all legislatures.


  • Covid-19 exposed significant gaps in our health systems. 100 million screening tests were not performed in Europe during the pandemic. There is a huge cancer backlog. Covid-19 shouldn’t stop you from tackling this backlog.

  • We have an opportunity to reimagine cancer services, to build back better, and smarter. Lessons can be learned from current challenges to make Cancer recovery a key part of health policy across Europe.

  • If we don’t Act Now, Covid-19 will undoubtedly cause a future Cancer epidemic. 1 million Cancer cases are undiagnosed in Europe because of Covid-19. Don’t let Cancer become the Forgotten “C” in the fight against Covid-19.


We thank the following elected representatives for their expressions of support:


Add your support!

Elected officials who would like to add their voice to the ‘Time To Act’ calls can do so by contacting Paul Gasc, Special Projects Lead.

Members of the public are also encouraged to direct the attention of their elected representatives to www.TimeToActCancer.com recommending they provide their support.

Information about who represents you in the European Parliament, including contact details, can be found here.

Information about who represents you in your national Parliament, including contact details, can be found via the website of your national Parliament.

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