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Building Back Resilient Cancer Care Systems

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Mirjam Crul (left) and Mark Lawler (right) Co-Chairs of the Special Network on the Impact of Covid-19 on Cancer

The impact of Covid-19 on cancer care has been significant. At the height of the pandemic in Europe, over 1 million cancer cases were undiagnosed and 100 million screening tests were not performed.

The "Time To Act Data" Navigator tracks and highlights the disruption to cancer care caused by Covid-19 across Europe.

The tool makes it clear that:

  • we need to build back more resilient cancer care systems
  • more data needs to be continuously collected and analysed to ensure we have a clear picture of how our healthcare systems are doing.

We encourage you to use the “Time To Act” Data Navigator and join us in our efforts to raise awareness of the challenges and gaps identified in cancer care at the European and country levels. We are united in the common goal to ensure better cancer care across Europe, restoring the confidence of European citizens and cancer patients in healthcare post-Covid-19. Together, we can make this happen!

This Toolkit comes to you with a range of materials – from infographics over social media posts to quote templates for use – designed to facilitate awareness raising in the coming weeks and months.

Whether you have a brief moment or more time to offer – we appreciate every action of support and we thank you for it!

It is Time to Act: Let’s Build a Better Future for Cancer Patients in Europe.

Please find more about our Special Network here.

All the best,

Mirjam and Mark

Messages of Support

Data Navigator 2022 Upgrade - Click on the image below to be taken to the interactive map!

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