Cancer Warning Signs


Detecting cancer early can make a real difference. Given that there are many different types of cancer, the symptoms for individual cancers vary. Yet, there are key warning signs and symptoms to look out for:

  Bleeding when you go to the toilet
(and other changes in your bowel habits)

  Difficulty swallowing

  Unexplained weight loss
  Unusual lump or swelling
  Unexpected bleeding or blood
  Unexplained pain or ache
tiredness rev
  Fatigue or a severe lack of energy
  Persistent coughing or breathlessness
night sweats
  Heavy night sweats
breast rev
  Unusual breast changes
  New mole or changes to the appearance of a mole
  A spot, sore, wound or mouth ulcer that won’t heal
  Appetite loss
  Unusual heartburn or indigestion

If you experience any of the signs and symptoms, or spot anything that is not normal for you, do not ignore it. Seek medical advice urgently.

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