Covid-19 & Cancer Data Intelligence

Using Data to understand and quantify the impact of Covid-19 on Cancer Services and Cancer Patients across Europe.


Since the first months of 2020, the European Cancer community has mobilised its resources to understand, quantify and address the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on all areas of cancer control. Numerous deeply alarming reports and data are continuously being received by the European Cancer Organisation, from all stakeholders in the community, including from the European Cancer Organisation’s healthcare professional organisations and patient groups, across all European countries. All make it very clear: data intelligence is key to understanding the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on cancer patients and cancer services. It can help drive timely decisions in tackling the dramatic situation faced by cancer patients and professionals across Europe, and will empower the European cancer community to draw relevant lessons that can help mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

In order to gather, analyse and further amplify all these available resources, the European Cancer Organisation has commissioned Data Intelligence work from IQVIA as part of the Time To Act campaign. Its aim is to build a pan-European evidence base of the impact that Covid-19 is having on cancer patients, cancer professionals and cancer services across the continent. In the first phase of this project, work has been completed to: 

  1. Leverage new and existing information (data, reports, surveys) produced by members of the European Cancer Organisation’s community to capture the key insights that will inform the pandemic’s impact on all aspects of cancer control in Europe

  2. Add to these insights with relevant information captured from the available literature and previous pieces of work produced by others to help amplify our key findings

  3. Gain primary intelligence from the European Cancer community through interviews with high-level expert cancer professionals and patient advocates across Europe, capturing their direct experience of addressing Cancer during the Covid-19 pandemic

  4. Employ this generated evidence base to build an extrapolation model and help quantify key aspects of the impact of Covid-19 on Cancer at a pan-European (EU27 & UK) level

As a result of this work, a series of headline statements have been generated across seven key areas highlighting the impact of Covid-19 on Cancer. These have been informed by consolidated qualitative and quantitative intelligence and reinforced by both published reports and direct testimonies of cancer professionals and patients.

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