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The European Cancer Organisation has focused on the importance of Quality Cancer Care for many years, particularly the importance of multidisciplinarity and multiprofessionals in our approach to patient care. 

The most visible examples of our past work are the Essential Requirements of Quality Cancer Care which have been developed through collaboration between our member societies and patient advocacy groups.

The Essential Requirements that have already been developed are:

The Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care for Breast Cancer will be published soon.  We are now in the process of developing Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care for Pancreatic Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Glioma and Lung Cancer.


Our Network

Our co-chairs, Simon Oberst and Philip Poortmans, convened the first virtual meetings of Member Societies, patient advocacy groups and Community 365 in April and May 2020. 

Following a full survey of Member Societies, a work plan will be developed for this Network with key projects that will be priorities. More news will be available on these priorities soon.

Quality Cancer Care will also be an important session at this year's European Cancer Summit on 18 & 19 November 2020.

Download the current Focused Topic Networks overview here. This document is regularly evolving based on discussions and agreed workstreams within each Network.

Simon Oberst speaking at the European Cancer Summit 2019. View the webcast here.

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