The European Quality Cancer Care Catalogue

18 November 2020

The Quality of Cancer Care matters. For this reason, European and international healthcare professional, patient and other organisations have devoted themselves to providing resources to support the achievement of Quality Cancer Care.

The European Quality Cancer Care Catalogue provides a central repository to signpost individuals to the tools they will find helpful. In this sense, it aims to be a continually evolving home for societies and other entities to profile and disseminate their work to broad audiences likely to have interest in their initiatives.

We hope that health system planners, patients, those in practice, and those with identified areas of interest, will find the Catalogue valuable in navigating quickly to high impact resources. By speeding access to these tools, the Catalogue supports the shared goal of raising the quality of cancer care for every patient in Europe.

We encourage you to browse the catalogue and visit the websites of the members of our Quality Cancer Care Network for inspiration, education, and connection!

To suggest an addition to the Catalogue, please contact the Quality Cancer Care Network here.

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