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'By 2030, effective strategies to eliminate cancers caused by HPV as a public health problem should be implemented in all European countries.'

This was the uniting resolution passed by more than 300 cancer community stakeholders at the 2019 European Cancer Summit.

Accompanied by a recommended Action Plan to support the resolution’s achievement, this emphatic expression of consensus on the opportunity to eliminate a group of cancers marked the starting point of the European Cancer Organisation’s HPV Action Network.

Prof Daniel Kelly outlined the opportunity for the Europe's Beating Cancer Plan to adopt the inspiring goal of eliminating HPV caused cancers in Europe during the ENVI Health Working Group meeting. More information here.

An early output of the Network on formation was the launch of a compelling 'Case for Action' in the European Parliament, kindly supported by Professor Véronique Trillet-Lenoir MEP (Renew Europe, France), Vice-Chair of the MEPs Against Cancer Group. The Case for Action expands on the unique current opportunity to eliminate a group of cancers as a public health problem by evidencing the known actions that can be taken on vaccination, screening, treatment, and education in all countries.

As the World Health Organisation takes forward a new global strategy for cervical cancer elimination, the HPV Action Network urges Europe to show leadership to the world by embracing this inspiring agenda and making HPV cancer elimination a formal European shared goal.

Co-chaired by Professor Daniel Kelly, European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS), and Professor Rui Medeiros, Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL), the Network focuses on four aspects critical to the achievement of the HPV cancer elimination aspiration:

  • Vaccination
  • Screening
  • Treatment
  • Education and Awareness

We invite you to join our co-Chairs, and other representatives of the Network at the European Cancer Summit on 18 & 19 November 2020, for fresh elaboration on our shared journey to achieving HPV cancer elimination. More information here.

Download the current Focused Topic Networks overview here. This document is regularly evolving based on discussions and agreed workstreams within each Network.


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