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Why cancer policy matters

Rising incidence of cancer is an international challenge and a huge threat to our society. Every year in the EU, 2.6 million people are diagnosed with the disease and another 1.2 million people are killed by it. Europe has a quarter of global cancer cases yet only 10% of the world’s population[1].

Large inequalities in cancer care exist between countries and regions, as well as between different demographics in European society. Political unity is needed.

With the foundations laid by Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the EU Research Mission on Cancer, there is now opportunity for the EU to lead the world. Chances to synergise global efforts, such as the WHO goal of cervical cancer elimination and connecting EU cancer efforts with US Cancer Moonshot endeavours, should be actively pursued through European policy.

Why your support is so important

The world has not stood still since Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan launched in 2021. The seeds planted by the Plan and the EU Research Mission on Cancer must not be diminished or extinguished by any rush towards new agendas and alternative prospectuses under a new European Commission.

Policymakers must continue to acknowledge and respond to gaps, fresh needs and ever-present advances in science, practice and technology.

Your political support will raise awareness before and after the elections. It will help address the inequalities in cancer care – both in your country and across Europe.

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