The European Cancer Organisation aims to create and develop ever-strengthening relationships between European institutions and the European cancer care community, and together with our Member Societies, Patient Advisory Committee and networks, facilitate collaboration and consensus on focused topics towards tangible and impactful policy improvement. Read more about the European Cancer Organisation's policy work in our Annual Reports.

The strategic objectives that underpin all our policy activity are:

  • the advancement of multidisciplinarity and patient-centricity in cancer care; and,
  • the promotion of policy recommendations for the improvement of cancer care, drawing on the Organisation’s unique multidisciplinary reach.

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Andreas and Richard at Brno 600 367









Just days after the Czech Republic began its six-month mandate as President of the EU Council, it played host to an expert conference on oncology in Brno, Czech Republic. Our Head of Policy Richard Price (left) and President Andreas Charalambous (right) attended.

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Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care

The quality of cancer care makes a huge difference to patients and their families.  It is multidisciplinarity that ensures that there is real teamwork between the healthcare professionals involved in patient care.  We have developed a series of papers that advocate for the highest quality standards.

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About the European Code of Cancer Practice

The European Code of Cancer Practice (The Code) is a citizen and patient-centred accessible, widely disseminated statement of the core requirements for good clinical cancer practice, in order to improve outcomes for all of Europe’s cancer patients.

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