The European Cancer Organisation aims to create and develop ever-strengthening relationships between European institutions and the European cancer care community, and together with our Member Societies, Patient Advocacy Committee and networks, facilitate collaboration and consensus on focused topics towards tangible and impactful policy improvement.

The strategic objectives that underpin all our policy activity are:

  • the advancement of multidisciplinarity and patient-centricity in cancer care; and,
  • the promotion of policy recommendations for the improvement of cancer care, drawing on the Organisation’s unique multidisciplinary reach.

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strengthening europe in the fight against cancer sudy cover 250

Landmark study on the current state of play in Europe’s battle against cancer produced by the European Cancer Organisation for the European Parliament. Read more here.

Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care

The quality of cancer care makes a huge difference to patients and their families.  It is multidisciplinarity that ensures that there is real teamwork between the healthcare professionals involved in patient care.  We have developed a series of papers that advocate for the highest quality standards.

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