ECO Response to WHO Consultation on the update of "Best Buys" of NCDs

24 November 2022

In August, the European Cancer Organisation (ECO) responded to the World Health Organisation  consultation to update the WHO ‘Best buys’ and other recommended interventions for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases.’

With the support of several of our Focused Topic Networks, including our Prevention, Early Detection and Screening Network and HPV Action Network, we have had opportunity to consider the proposals and provided the below 8 areas of feedback for consideration:

  1. Introduce further prioritisation and ranking to the recommendations;
  2. Encourage region-specific iterations of the Best Buys to ensure strongest reflection of regional specificities; 
  3. Put in place implementation and measurement processes to drive continuous improvement of the initiative; 
  4. Promote gender neutral HPV vaccination as a ‘best buy’ policy on cancer;
  5. Embrace the major new opportunities in cancer screening and early detection,
  6. Achieve the full potential of prevention policies;
  7. Address cancer co-morbidities as a whole; 
  8. Consider a ‘Best Buys’ or similar exercise to help guide countries in NCD management in scenarios of warfare

Our final response is available here