PROTECT-EUROPE Academic Publications Guidelines

Publication of project outcomes in peer-reviewed scientific journals is one of the main dissemination and outreach activities mentioned in the PROTECT-EUROPE Grant Agreement.

The purpose of the PROTECT-EUROPE publication policy is to provide guidelines that will ensure appropriate use of the project’s data, and promote adherence to the principles of authorship.

This publication policy pertains to publications by members of the PROTECT-EUROPE consortium.

The main objectives of these publication guidelines are summarized as follows:
• Promote the dissemination of published results from the PROTECT-EUROPE project.
• Ensure that publications based on PROTECT-EUROPE material are accurate and objective, and do not compromise the scientific integrity of the collective project.
• Ensure that all participants involved in each publication have the opportunity to be co-authors, when appropriate.
• Ensure that authorship of PROTECT-EUROPE publications complies with the International Committee of Medical Journals Editors (ICMJE) guidelines.
• Prevent overlap of publications and duplication of outputs.
• Ensure that authors take into consideration, wherever possible, the policy implications of their findings.

Find the Academic Publication Guidelines here.

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