Improving cancer survivors’ quality of life


Cancer survivors frequently report difficulties communicating with oncologists, GPs and nurses.

SmartCARE is developing a ‘Cancer Survivor Smart Card’. This digital tool decreases the communication gap between survivors and health and social-care providers. These providers promote citizen empowerment through patient-centered care and ultimately enhance the quality of life and of cancer survivors. ECO is coordinating this EU Project under the EU4Health Programme 2021-2027, focused on sustainability and user needs.

smartCARE promises to:
  • Collaborate with the app developer to co-create the Cancer Survivor Smartcard App
  • Provide high quality follow-up care by requiring access to the patient’s clinical history
  • Give cancer patients and survivors personalised follow-up care
  • Improve healthcare provider and survivor communication on the survivor’s needs & worries
What People Have to Say About smartCARE:

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    Coordinated by ECO & co-funded by EU4Health Read More

    Coordinated by ECO & co-funded by EU4Health Read More
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