The Launch of INTERACT-EUROPE 100 in Barcelona

16 February 2024

On 8 and 9 February, the European Cancer Organisation introduced the second phase of the EU co-funded Inter-Specialty Cancer Training Programme.

The inaugural event held in Barcelona served not only to showcase the project's goals and impact but to gather stakeholder feedback and the essential elements they sought for inter-specialty training for their own cancer teams. Given the project's core concept of including 100 cancer centres from across Europe, their input was crucial.

The launch featured:

Steering committee and consortium meetings at Institut CatalĂ  d'Oncologia (ICO)

Project leaders and partners exchanged ideas to identify initial priorities and general coordination of work. Leaders of each work package shared their plans, and every consortium representative had the opportunity to offer feedback and suggestions during the subsequent interactive workshops.

Evening reception at the European Commission’s regional office

After a formal welcome from Manuel Szapiro, the director of the regional Commission office, a series of talks helped introduce INTERACT-EUROPE 100 and the larger issue of what inter-specialty cancer training means for cancer centres and, most importantly, for cancer patients throughout Europe.

The event also offered an opportunity to highlight the Time to Accelerate Manifesto, and all the policy initiatives that ECO is helping to implement.

A networking dinner was the final item on the day's agenda.

Showcasing INTERACT-EUROPE 100 in a hospital setting

On 9 February, Hospital Sant Joan de Deu and its paediatric cancer centre hosted the presentation of the project to representatives of cancer centres from across Europe, explaining in detail its vision and rapid progress.

Another Q&A session followed where cancer centre representatives expressed their own visions of  inter-specialty training, asking more questions and providing feedback to ensure the project is tailored to the needs of their individual centres.

The session was followed by a guided visit of the hospital facilities.

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