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Empowering the Cancer Workforce with New Digital Skills

The TRANSiTION project is developing an advanced education programme for healthcare professionals and non-clinical staff (i.e. health managers), which will equip them with digital skills needed to exchange information more efficiently and effectively with patients and other professionals. The project commenced by assessing and mapping the current digital skills and has engaged directly with stakeholders to identify their specific needs. This will enable and facilitate professionals and non-clinical staff to adopt new digital tools and integrate them into their everyday practices enabling a smoother digital transition.

Led by the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), the project collaborates with various organisations and uses a problem-solving, teamwork approach to enhance competencies. TRANSiTION has a consortium of 25 partners from 14 member states with expertise in professional development and training programmes in the healthcare sector.

The European Cancer Organisation (ECO) leads the communication and dissemination activities.


The TRANSiTION education programme addresses the immediate needs of healthcare professionals and non-clinical staff while building a digital culture that is sustainable and adaptable to future opportunities for better cancer care across Europe.

TRANSiTION targets three groups: 

  1. Clinical professionals in general medicine, medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, and cancer nurses.
  2. Non-clinical professionals working on health planning, procurement and management.
  3. Patients

Find below a summary of how the TRANSiTION project will impact each target group.  

PAC Patients Forum










TRANSiTION drives change and innovation in the health sector by identifying and optimising digital technologies for clinical and non-clinical professionals. It addresses challenges in deploying these technologies in cancer care, and enhancing the readiness of healthcare professionals to utilise digital solutions available today and in the future. This contributes to the resilience of health systems while developing skills for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and future crises.


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My project

The project held its official kick-off event on 4-5 May 2023 in Limassol, Cyprus, under the leadership of Prof. Andreas Charalambous, president of European Cancer Organisation and project coordinator for the TRANSiTION Project.

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The launch also included remarks from Mr Loucas Fourlas, a Member of the European Parliament and Chair of its Lancet Group dedicated to fighting cancer.

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