Penilla Gunther

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Member, EU Cancer Mission and Former Member of Parliament, Sweden

Experienced policy maker as former Member of Swedish Parliament, the Nordic Council and chair of the Welfare Committee, and also from local and regional councils. Founder of FOKUS Patient®, a digital and physical meeting place for life science & healthcare with a patient perspective. President of the European Patient Safety Foundation and appointed by the European Commission as an Expert in the Cancer Mission Board, which provides a better understanding of cancer, allows for earlier diagnosis and optimisation of treatment, and improves cancer patients’ quality of life during and beyond their cancer treatment.

Penilla Gunther is a steering committee co-chair for smartCARE - a flagship initiative in Europe's Beating Cancer Plan, under the EU4Health Programme 2021-2027. The project is developing a cancer survivor smart card - in the form of a mobile app - to improve the health and wellbeing of cancer survivors throughout Europe.

Penilla is a founding member of National & European Parliamentarians for Cancer Action and a cancer survivor. She has recieved a heart transplant and survived cancer twice.


Updated: March 2024