Kateřina Konečná

Member, The Left group in the European Parliament

She has been elected as the MEP in May 2014 as well as in May 2019.

As a member of the European Parliament, she engages in the Environmental Protection Policy and Public Health Policy as a member of the ENVI committee and the new SANT subcommittee. She focuses on the topic of Access to Healthcare and Medicines, deals with Public Health issues and cooperates very closely with patients and their organizations.

For 5 years she was EP’s contact person responsible for the ECDC agency. During her two mandates, she worked on the HTA regulation, Medical devices and In-vitro medical devices regulations, EU4health program, and Health union package (EMA, ECDC and cross-border health threats). She was a vice chair of the PEST special committee and from September 2020 she was also the group’s coordinator in the BECA special committee. Currently, she is a member of the COVI special committee and the shadow rapporteur on its final report.