Improving data on the cancer workforce crisis

The current shortages within the healthcare workforce are having a profound impact on the professionals on the frontlines of cancer care in Europe. Responding to this crisis, the European Cancer Organisation is currently preparing a pan-European advocacy campaign to raise awareness on, and help change policies against, cancer workforce shortages and working conditions. 


Quantifying cancer workforce shortages and working conditions  

One of the pillars of the ECO campaign on the cancer workforce crisis is a policy research project aimed at better quantifying cancer workforce shortages and working conditions issues across Europe, as well as their impacts on cancer professionals and patients, in the context of the European Cancer Pulse.  

To achieve this, ECO will collaborate with its Member Societies and other key organisations and experts on the conduct and the analysis of pan-European joint surveys to collect data at national level on cancer workforce shortages and working conditions issues. This data will then be included in the European Cancer Pulse tool and used to generate a better representation of the key cancer workforce issues and inequalities across Europe.   


Help us improve data on the cancer workforce crisis in Europe  

As a first step to our research project, we are currently looking to identify further existing data and previous examples of survey exercises conducted on:  

  1. Numbers of professionals at national level per cancer specialty;  
  2. Working conditions among cancer professionals (e.g., remuneration, working hours, psychological distress, burn-out, etc.)  


We would be most grateful for you to share with us if you know of such relevant information before the 31 August, especially at national level and for individual cancer professions, by sending an email to: with the subject: WORKFORCE DATA/SURVEY COLLECTION.   

Thank you very much in advance for your contribution and looking forward to working with you to tackle today’s cancer workforce crisis across Europe!  

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