Hele Everaus

Medical Scientist, Physician and Politician, Member of Social Affairs Committee


Hele Everaus has graduated from the University of Tartu (cum laude) in 1977.

From 1978 up to 2016 she has worked in the University of Tartu in different positions. She has worked as the Vice Rector for Institutional Development from 1998-2003. Since 2000 up to 2016 she has been the head of the Hematology and Oncology Clinic of Tartu University and Tartu University Hospital. Hele Everaus has leaded several reforms in hematology-oncology in Estonia. She organized the hematology-oncology research laboratory. She created bone marrow transplantation programme  in Tartu University Hospital and performed first bone marrow transplantation in 1993 (first in Baltic countries).

Prof Everaus has educated the transplant-team. She has been leading Estonian National Blood Transfusion Committee for several years and introduced the reform of blood transfusion service in Estonia. She served as the expert to Council of Europe (immune-hematology and blood transfusion) for several years.

Hele Everaus has been long time head of the Estonian Society of Tissue and Organ Transplantation and Estonian Society of Hematology.

In 2013 European Group of Blood and Marrow Transplantation has recognized professor Hele Everaus with the ‘EBMT Clinical Service Award in recognition of an outstanding life-time achievement in bone marrow transplantation’ and honorary member status.

She was leading 16 years hematology-oncology clinic which is multimodality cancer center and member of Organisation of European Cancer Institutes (OECI). Under her supervision Tartu Hospital has passed accreditation of the OECI in 2014.

Prof Everaus has created hereditary cancer consultations and is active in improvement of palliative care activities for cancer patients.

University Hele Everaus was leading several years the Estonian National Committee of Bioethics. Earlier she has been leading the Research Ethics Committee of Tartu University. Hele Everaus is the expert of Council of Europe, belonging to the Steering Committee on Bioethics. Hele Everaus has been serving as expert for the EC ethics panels.

In 2014 prof Everaus has been belonging to the steering committee of the World Congress of  Committees.

During five-year period on vice rector position in Tartu University prof Everaus has created several innovations, as a new Institute of Technology, joining of Marine Institute with the University of Tartu etc.

Research topics have been connected with pathogenetical aspects of malignancies, new opportunities for cell therapy in malignancies, personalized medicine  approach.

Professor Everaus has served for several years as an expert for the EC science and innovation projects. From 15 000 candidates professor Everaus has been elected as the member of Advisory Group for the new EU research and innovation programme ‘Horizon 2020’

International collaborations are very important for the further developments. Hele Everaus has had
opportunity to pass professional training and have collaborations in Institute of Hematology
of VIIth University of Paris, Hadassah University Hospital, Nebraska University Medical
Center, Mayo Clinic, Helsinki University Hospital, Gothenburg University Hospital, Royal Free Hospital,Newcastel University.

She has been invited to give lectures in several international congresses and well-known cancer centers as Mayo Clinic,Dana Farber Cancer Center,Nebraska University Medical Center .

From 2019 Hele Everaus is the member of the Estonian Parliament.