Cyrus Engerer

Member, ENVI Committee, Malta


Cyrus Engerer is a Maltese Member of European Parliament, member of the Committee of Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. A gay rights activist, in 2021 he was tasked with negotiating the European Parliaments historic resolution on the declaration of the European Union as an LGBTQ Freedom zone, in reaction to the establishment of so called "LGBT-Free zones" in Poland

"Europe is home. I’ve always loved the European project. It represents the coming together of different people for a common ideal. Being the queer political nerd that I am, Europe’s slogan of ‘unity in diversity’ always resonated with what I see as the ideal society. We should celebrate our differences. I never fit in a world that expected everyone to do things the same way. In fact, I still don’t fit in. You may think that this isn’t the way a typical politician should speak. Maybe you expect me to be more formal, less emotive and more stoic. But what I owe the people who voted for me, is honesty. And there is no more true honesty than being oneself. This is because my journey as a queer person, and now as a queer politician has been defined by not fitting in. I push boundaries, I question the norms - I believe that we can always achieve more. In this space, you will find everything I’m doing in the European Parliament, because you all deserve to know the work being done by the person you have elected and my team, in the most transparent of ways."

Updated: March 2023