Annie Vidal

Member of the National Assembly

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Annie Vidal, a trained medical laboratory technician, has had a remarkable career trajectory that spans both healthcare and public service. Her diverse professional background and unwavering commitment to healthcare policy and cancer prevention have made her a valued addition to the "National & European Parliamentarians for Cancer Action" initiative.

Annie Vidal began her journey as a healthcare professional, initially serving as a supervisor at the University Hospital of Rouen and later transitioning to the role of a project manager working closely with the regional healthcare establishments and the Regional Health Agency (ARS) to oversee efficiency plans for healthcare institutions.

In September 2022, she was elected as the President of the Territorial Health Council of Rouen-Elbeuf (CTS), a testament to her dedication to improving healthcare at the local level. Her journey into politics commenced with her role as a municipal councilor, and in 2017, she was elected as a Member of Parliament for Seine-Maritime. Since then, she has held key positions in the French National Assembly, serving as the Commissioner for Social Affairs and co-chairing the Mission for the Evaluation and Control of Social Security Financing Laws (MECSS) from 2017 to 2022. Currently, she serves as the Vice-President of the Committee for the Evaluation and Control of Public Policy (CEC).

Within the Committee on Social Affairs, Annie Vidal has been particularly active in matters related to elderly care and autonomy. She chaired the workshop on "Caregivers, Family, and Volunteering" as part of the Libault mission, contributing to the preparation of a relevant legislative project. In 2019, she initiated a strategy, in collaboration with the Ministries of Health, Disability, and Education, aimed at supporting and mobilizing family caregivers. This effort led to the implementation of caregiver leave compensation, effective since October 2020, and her continued involvement in the oversight committee for the "Agir pour les aidants" (Acting for Caregivers) strategy.

Annie Vidal also has a strong presence in bioethics and end-of-life issues. She serves as the Secretary of the "End of Life" study group and Vice-President of the "Longevity and Society Adaptation" study group. Her advocacy for addressing the challenges of an aging population has resulted in two notable reports: "The Observatory of EHPADs in the 2nd Seine-Maritime Constituency" and "The Evolution of Quality Assessment in EHPADs and its Evaluation Framework," which ultimately led to the publication of the first national reference guide for assessing the quality of social and medico-social establishments (ESSMS) by the Haute Autorité de Santé in 2022.

Annie Vidal's contributions extend to her involvement in the Special Committee tasked with examining the draft organic law on social debt and autonomy, which resulted in the historic creation of a fifth branch of the Social Security system in August 2020, addressing the new risk of long-term care. She was responsible for drafting legislation aimed at improving the healthcare system through trust and simplification. More recently, she was appointed co-chair of the Longevity and Autonomy Working Group within the Committee on Social Affairs and has been designated as the rapporteur for the bill focused on building a society that promotes healthy aging in France.

Outside of her parliamentary activities, Annie Vidal is a member of the Commission to Combat Abuse and Promote Well-being, a joint initiative of the High Council for the Family, Childhood, and Ageing (HCFEA) and the National Consultative Committee for Disabled Persons (CNCPH). Her commitment is evident in her initiative to propose legislation aimed at promoting well-being in the care of vulnerable individuals and protected adults while combating abuse. Her most recent achievement was the promulgation of a law in June 2021 that secures the social protection rights of childcare assistants and private household employees.

Annie Vidal's extensive expertise, dedication to healthcare and well-being, and her acceptance of the invitation to join the "National & European Parliamentarians for Cancer Action" initiative reflect her tireless commitment to improving healthcare policies and tackling the pressing issue of cancer at both the national and European levels.