Icó Tóth

President of the Mallow Flower Foundation, mother, and cervical cancer survivor. Her recovery gave birth to the Mallow Flower Foundation, which works for HPV prevention and gynecological cancers - for those affected by cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vulva, and vaginal cancer. With her team, her mission is to save women, properly manage patient pathways, to accompany and support both in HPV prevention (teens and adults education) and in the field of gynecological cancers. They started in 2022 Mallow Teens program and also Gladiolus program for men about HPV. They work with the Hungarian Head and Neck Society for head and neck cancer patients.

2019-2021. co-chair of ESGO ENGAGe/ European Network of Gynecological Cancer Advocacy Groups/.
Member of the WHO Rehabilitation Working Group, ASCO Ovarian Cancer Guideline Working Group.


Updated: May 2023