This report was produced by the European Cancer Organisation’s Quality Cancer Care Network, based on the Community 365 Roundtable Meeting on Lung Cancer on 7 December 2020 and in line with the European Cancer Organisation’s policy decision-making process. The Network comprises representatives drawn from the European Cancer Organisation’s Member Societies, Patient Advisory Committee members, Community 365a, and other invited stakeholders.

The roundtable meeting took its inspiration from the recent publication by the European Cancer Organisation of a new charter for better lung cancer care in Europe, The Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care: Lung Cancer.


Matti Aapro, President, European Cancer Organisation
Yolande Lievens, Co-Chair, Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care: Lung Cancer
Anne-Marie Baird, President, Lung Cancer Europe and Member, European Cancer Organisation’s Patient Advisory Committee
Philip Poortmans, Co-Chair, European Cancer Organisation’s Quality Cancer Care Network
Simon Oberst, Co-Chair, European Cancer Organisation’s Quality Cancer Care Network
Françoise Bartoli, Vice-President, Head of Europe and Canada, Oncology Business, AstraZeneca
Rawa Ismail, Pharmacist, Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing
Ouzna Morsli, EMEAC Oncology Medical Lead, MSD
Geoff Oxnard, Vice President, Global Medical Lead, Liquid Franchise at Foundation Medicine
Hans J.M. Smit, Chairman, Dutch Lung Cancer Audit


Thanks are due to all those members of the Quality Cancer Care Network and the Policy Pathway of the European Cancer Organisation who took the time to comment on various drafts of this report.


Suggested citation: Aapro M, Lievens Y, Baird A M, et al (2020). Leave No One Behind – Delivering Innovation in Lung Cancer Care. Action Report. European Cancer Organisation; Brussels

a Community 365 is a group of charity, philanthropy and industry contributors to the Focused Topic Networks of the European Cancer Organisation. Community 365 provide ideas, guidance, practical support and resources for our work in convening stakeholders and building consensus in the European cancer community. Community 365 contributors do not have a decision-making role in our policy work. Rather, policies of the European Cancer Organisation, such as those represented in this document, are agreed by our Board after consultation with our Member Societies and Patient Advisory Committee, via our Policy Pathway process. More information here: