List of Recommendations

Now is the time for ambition. Now is the time for inspiration. Now is the time for decisive action to create an HPV cancer-free future for men and women across Europe.


The report sets out an evidence-based case for action on 28 recommendations on four main fronts:

  1. Universal (or ‘gender-neutral’) HPV vaccination for adolescents should be introduced along with efforts to maximise uptake.

  2. National organised population-based cervical cancer screening programmes are needed with higher levels of uptake. Screening programmes should use HPV testing technologies which are much more accurate than the traditional Pap smear.

  3. Cancer treatments must be consistently and equitably offered across all European countries in line with best practice guidelines and with care and support that maximises patients’ quality of life.

  4. Action is needed to improve public and professional awareness and education about HPV in order to improve vaccination and screening uptake and to tackle fake news head-on.

Our Central Recommendation

The European Union and the wider WHO European region should commit to the core goal of matching and exceeding the WHO Global Strategy for Cervical Cancer Elimination and implement policies and strategies for the elimination of all the cancers and diseases caused by HPV.