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In recent decades cancer care has seen improvements in:

  • the speed and accuracy of diagnostic procedures;
  • the effectiveness of surgery, radiation therapy, and medical treatments;
  • the power of information technology; and
  • the development of multidisciplinary, specialist-led approaches to care.

Such innovations are essential if we are to continue improving the lives of cancer patients across Europe despite financial pressures on our healthcare systems.

Dr Denis Lacombe speaking at the European Cancer Summit 2019. View the webcast here.

To help health systems meet the decision-making challenges related to these new treatment options, members of the European Cancer Organisation have initiated many actions to assist.  These include the EORTC Treatment Optimisation manifesto and projects orientated towards bringing about more value-based approaches in respect to innovation uptake. See related resources for further information.

The European Cancer Organisation's Focused Topic Network on Health Systems and Treatment Optimisation started its work with a sharing of priorities by Member Societies in April 2020 and is presently elaborating its Action Plan for the 2020-23 period. Initially suggested areas for the Network's consideration include:

  • real-world data, patient-reported outcomes & clinical trial endpoints;
  • value-based healthcare, including Health Technology Assessment (HTA);
  • health economics including efficiency and sustainability; and
  • precision oncology.

We invite you to join our Co-Chairs, and other representatives of the Network at the European Cancer Summit on 18 & 19 November 2020, building on last year’s debate for further discussion and actions around this important topic. More information here.

The organisations involved in the Health Systems and Treatment Optimisation Network have kindly provided relevant links to their work in this Network which can be accessed under “Related Resources” on the right-hand side of this page.


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