ECO-ASCO Special Network: Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer

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The ECO Board and ASCO established a Special Network on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer soon after the war started, now including representatives of over 300 organisations. Its Steering Committee meets every Friday to share the latest updates from within Ukraine and its neighbouring countries.

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OncoHelp UKR logo 300With the help of this Special Network, we set up (or aiming to provide multilingual resources signposting Ukrainian cancer patients to relevant information available in different European countries receiving Ukrainian refugee cancer patients. To date, we have 30 countries displayed on the website, with more soon to be added.

Each country category contains sections with resources ranging from oncological treatment and medical assistance to psycho-social support and general information on safe travel options, housing, and employment.

New links and information can be included by emailing them to The more diverse content we receive, the more country categories and sections can be included.

Activities of the Special Network
  • Creating a community for sharing of intelligence, experience, contacts and offers of support, connecting organisations and people within the Network.

  • Populating and amplifying work being done for Ukrainian cancer patients.

  • Gathering intelligence to inform our advocacy and policy work on the issue with the WHO and EU Commission, including from cancer centres, healthcare professionals and patient organisations. We submitted a statement to the WHO Europe Regional Committee Special Meeting on 10 May 2022, written in cooperation with participants of the Special Network and its Steering Committee.
  • Holding Special Network meetings. So far, we’ve held three on 10 March, 8 April and 4 June 2022. Our most recent meeing was held during ASCO's Annual Meeting in Chicago, USA:

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Their priorities are:

-Supporting displaced Ukrainian patients, including support on EU Member State to Member State transfers, removing bottlenecks and harmonisation of rules in different Member States
-Facilitating partnerships and funding support for civil society organisations in Ukraine, Moldova and impacted EU Member States
-Mental health support for refugee patients and healthcare professionals
-Recognition and support for healthcare professionals arriving in EU Member States and Moldova, e.g. professional qualification recognition

Joint Multidisciplinary Survey on the Impact of the War in Ukraine on Cancer Services: Results Coming Soon!

The survey results will be communicated after the summer. To provide additional input, please contact us here.


Media Section - News and Perspectives from Special Network Representatives

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UICC  Solidarity Fund for Ukraine Opens Call for Grants to Qualifying Organisations

Since the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) set up the Solidarity Fund to aid Ukrainian cancer patients, it has received over USD 1 million in contributions, which will now be made available to support selected projects and programmes that help address the impact of the conflict on Ukrainian cancer patients and their families.

If your organisation is interested in this funding opportunity, please read more about the process here. To submit an application, please contact Donations to the Solidarity Fund are still open, we encourage you to contact UICC at if you wish to contribute.

If you are aware of other work that would be helpful including in national languages that we can signpost to, or would like further information about this Special Network, please let us know:

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