Special Network: Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer

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The Board of the European Cancer Organisation has agreed to launch a Special Network on the impact of COVID-19 on Cancer, on a “task and finish” basis to be co-chaired by Board members Mirjam Crul and Mark Lawler.

Discussions have included:

  • Enhanced risks of COVID-19 for a significant number of cancer patients
  • Significant consequences of lockdowns on cancer services
  • Fear of citizens with symptoms of cancer to engage with health care systems
  • Importance of multidisciplinarity and multiprofessionalism in finding pragmatic solutions on the ground during the crisis
  • Experience and protection of workforce and patients has been extremely varied

Our Member SocietiesPatient Advisory Committee and others will collaborate on dealing with challenges:

  • Influencing measures as European countries come out of lockdown
  • Real time data needed - measure and analyse experience across Europe
  • New ways to deliver cancer services – given social distance measures
  • How will cancer services be funded during an economic recession
  • Europe-wide co-ordination in tackling future pandemics
  • Workforce and Patient perspective is crucial

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