Making a Difference: Advocating for HPV Policy Change - A Practical Guide

25 April 2024

Today, the European Cancer Organisation has published a new Report: Making a Difference: Advocating for HPV Policy Change.

HPV has in the last few years become one of the most significant issues in European cancer policy. Effective vaccination and screening programmes are now widely recognised to offer the possibility of eliminating the tens of thousands of cancers caused by HPV each year in men and women across Europe. In many countries, however, progress is too slow and too many lives are being lost unnecessarily.

Advocacy can help to put that right. Organisations and individuals can work together to put effective pressure on decision-makers, cut through the inertia and create the cancer prevention services of the type and scale that are urgently needed across the region.

This guide is based on the experience of many of them. It distils the lessons learned into eight essential ingredients for advocacy success. We hope it will be useful not only to the campaigns highlighted in this guide as they continue their invaluable work but also to others engaged, or who might yet be engaged, on this issue.

Read the publication here.