Update from PAC - March 2024

26 March 2024

The Patient Advisory Committee is working closely with the ECO team on a number of EU-funded cancer projects, including INTERACT-EUROPE 100, smartCARE, EU-NAVIGATE, 4D PICTURE, and others.

Some ECO PAC members are involved in the EU-funded smartCare project which is a flagship initiative in Europe's Beating Cancer Plan, under the EU4Health Programme 2021-2027. The project is developing a cancer survivor smart card - in the form of a mobile app - to improve the health and wellbeing of cancer survivors throughout Europe. As part of this project, an international on-line survey remains open. The goal is to reach 1,000 responses. The survey is available in 18 languages, including the recently-added Turkish translation. PAC members involved in this project would appreciate it if readers of ECO’s March Community Update could share the survey link with their respective communities. The smartCARE survey is available here.

Another EU project survey, the 4D PICTURE survey, is also seeking insights from individuals who have undergone cancer treatment in the last three years. The aim is to learn about: treatment decisions; information sharing; the value of decision-support tools; and positive and negative experiences with patient care paths. This survey is now available in seven languages (Dutch, English, German, Slovenian, Danish, Austrian and Spanish).

On behalf of the Patient Advisory Committee, we want to thank Ananda Plate who is stepping down from her role in PAC as the Myeloma Patients Europe/MPE representative. Ananda's  expertise and collaboration with the PAC have been greatly appreciated over the years. We warmly welcome a new representative from Myeloma Patients Europe, Monica Racovita, and look forward to working with her on the PAC.  

Our next PAC meeting will be on 17 May.