The European Health Data Space: Getting The Balance Right and Reaching Interoperability Milestones

28 July 2021

In responding to a recent European Commission consultation on the European Health Data Space, the European Cancer Organisation, supported by its Digital Health Network, has expressed its strong support for the concept, envisaging the initiative to achieve many benefits for healthcare, research and policy. However, in responding to the consultation, the European Cancer Organisation emphasised the need to:

  • Ensure the right balance is struck between good governance and protecting data safety whilst not overburdening the cancer research environment;
  • Seek European level approaches to many of the regulatory questions in order to prevent further divergence in national approaches.

The European Cancer Organisation further recommended that the European Union and its Member States agree and pursue firm targets and indicators for the interoperability of heath data, including such matters as registry interoperability.

Wherever possible, patients and healthcare professionals should be closely involved and consulted as they have an important role to play in the achievement of improved regulations and standards, providing real life practice experience and perspective.

Read our final contribution here.