Trio Council Presidency Partners Germany, Portugal and Slovenia Sign a Joint Declaration on Effective European Cancer Research

13 October 2020

This Tuesday, the ministers responsible for research in Germany, Portugal and Slovenia signed the declaration “Europe: together against cancer”. The ministers came together at the conference on research policy entitled “Europe: Unite Against Cancer”, held under the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union, to discuss joint approaches to strengthening cancer research in Europe. 

Dr Matti Aapro, President of the European Cancer Organisation, said: 

"Such high level political commitment to cancer research from Germany, Portugal and Slovenia is superb news. The accompanying pledges to support greater involvement of patients in that research and to elevate translational research are also music to our ears. Minister Heitor’s advancement of a European goal of a 10-year cancer-specific survival rate for 75% of adult cancer patients by the year 2030 is exciting and real opportunity to galvanise all forces in Europe against cancer. We recommend this goal for inclusion in Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, supported by actions in the Cancer Mission and EU4Health programme too."

Read the Declaration here.
Read the Press Release here.