‘Goed Gedaan Nederland!’ Dutch Council of Ministers Agrees to Institute the ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ for Cancer Survivors

18 August 2020

Dr Matti Aapro, President of the European Cancer Organisation, has extended congratulations to campaigners and the Government of the Netherlands following news that the Council of Ministers has agreed to proposals meaning cancer survivors in that country no longer need to inform insurers of their past diagnosis and treatment. The measure is expected to take effect in January 2021 and if possible earlier.

“It is wonderful news to learn that another European country is working to implement the 2018 resolution of the European Cancer Organisation on ending financial discrimination against cancer survivors. The Netherlands now follows France, Belgium and Luxembourg in showing to the rest of Europe what a big difference a simple rule change can make.

I also want to congratulate the inspiring work of my friend and colleague Professor Françoise Meunier for her tireless campaigning on this topic and dedication to seeing the right in place across Europe. Through her example and leadership, cancer survivors in many countries are increasingly, and rightly, demanding better protection from financial and other discrimination. It is exciting to see more and more national governments responding to that need.

At the European Cancer Organisation we will continue to call for Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan to include a goal for ‘the right to be forgotten’ in every EU Member State, and our new Survivorship and Quality of Life Network is continuously promoting the need to protect cancer survivors’  rights.”