Report from the Webinar on Europe's Beating Cancer Plan

On 1 April 2020, the European Cancer Organisation hosted a Webinar on Europe's Beating Cancer Plan bringing together representatives from the European Commission, @EuropeanCancer Member Societies and Patient Advisory Committee in a lively discussion.

Dr Matti Aapro, President of the European Cancer Organisation, welcomed the participants and Matthias Schuppe, Project Team Leader for Cancer at DG Santé, presented on the path forward for the Europe's Beating Cancer Plan and answered @EuropeanCancer Member and patient advocate queries about the future of the Plan.
Key messages included:

  • It is not envisaged at this stage that the COVID 19 situation will delay the timetable for Europe's Beating Cancer Plan, but will mean more virtual consultation events than live events as planned.
  • In the coming weeks, based on review of the responses made to the Roadmap consultation, a series of short and targeted thematic consultation exercises will be announced.
  • Ongoing uncertainty about EU financing in the years ahead creates some consequent uncertainty for all parts of the Commission in respect to planning projects and initiatives, and this is also the case for Europe's Beating Cancer Plan.
  • The EU Cancer Mission and Europe's Beating Cancer Plan are aiming to be complimentary to each other in respect to themes and content. In this sense, the forthcoming publication of the Mission Board's considerations, likely in May, will be important in influencing some of the direction of the Plan.
  • Some potential areas of the Plan remain open for further elaboration, including discussed concepts such as the European Cancer Dashboard, European Health Data Space and the role that Professional Qualification issues could play within the Plan.
  • All European Cancer Organisation Members are invited to make additional written submission during this development phase.

View video update from Dr Matti Aapro, President of the European Cancer Organisation, on the European cancer strategy and COVID-19 here.