Foundations laid, communities of cooperation created, but a job still to be finished...

'Time to Accelerate: Together Against Cancer' is a roadmap of recommendations for the future of EU cancer policy under the next European Commission 2024-2029. It is based on the European Cancer Manifesto that was unveiled on 15 November 2023 during the European Cancer Summit.

The roadmap represents the result of input from many organisations and individuals active in pan-European cancer policy cooperation, and specific consultation with the Focused Topic Networks of the European Cancer Organisation. 

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The recommendations reflect experiences and perspectives gathered during an unprecedented five-year period in EU cancer policy, with landmark attention and investment provided via both Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and the EU Research Mission on Cancer.

This promise for the future must not be diminished or extinguished by any rush towards new agendas and alternative prospectuses under the new European Commission.

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Key recommendations 

  • A minimum age for tobacco sales of 21 (‘tobacco 21’) to help achieve a tobacco free generation.
  • Monitor HPV vaccine uptake via the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), as practiced for Covid-19 vaccination.
  • Promotion of EU cancer screening recommendations at national level, implementation funding, and regular reporting on levels of implementation.
  • Extend and increase support for twinning of cancer centres to achieve an EU Network of Comprehensive Cancer Centres.
  • Ensure a fit-for-purpose European Health Data Space (EHDS) with stakeholders in the governance and avoiding risks of over-regulation on data consent (secondary purposes).
  • All cancer registries in Europe to improve data collection on social inequalities, including information on patient ethnicity.
  • A legal right in all countries for cancer survivors to avoid having to declare their cancer to financial service providers.


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