Elaborating the Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care: Prostate Cancer

Working with healthcare professionals and patients using a deliberative consensus finding process, the European Cancer Organisation has recently completed ‘Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care’ for Prostate Cancer.

On 10 June 2020 to launch the publication and host dialogue with the cancer stakeholder community, we are delighted to share  details of the virtual event and invite you to pre-register by 8 June 2020 (14:00 CEST).
10 June 2020 15:00 - 16:30 CEST

Virtual Event

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Led by Prof Maurizio Brausi and Prof Peter Hoskin, the new Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care: Prostate Cancer outline a consensus vision by practitioners and patients in respect to such matters as:

  • The key challenges to be met in relation to prostate cancer;
  • Membership of the core and extended multidisciplinary teams involved in providing care to prostate cancer patients;
  • The pathways and timelines of care; and,
  • The needs of patients, including access to information and clinical trials

Perspectives from patients will be contributed by Robert Greene of the European Cancer Patient Coalition, and Ken Mastris of Europa Uomo.

The role that Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan can play in improving prostate cancer care in Europe will be elaborated by Prof Hein Van Poppel, Adjunct Secretary General of the European Urology Association (EAU).

Registered participants are also invited to contribute to the discussion with open interventions invited during the session.

Pre-registration is open for everyone interested in attending the virtual event, with a deadline for registering of 8 June 2020 (14:00 CEST). 

We will then contact everyone who has pre-registered in early June with an update and further details.