Advancing Requirements for Quality Breast Cancer Care

Working with healthcare professionals and patients using a deliberative consensus finding process, the European Cancer Organisation has recently completed Essential Requirements for Quality Cancer Care for Breast Cancer.

A virtual event was held on 25 June 2020 to launch the publication and host dialogue with the cancer stakeholder community. Read the meeting report and view the recording here.
25 June 2020 14:00 - 15:30 CEST

Virtual Event

Under the direction of Dr Fatima Cardoso and Dr Laura Biganzoli, The Requirements of a Specialist Breast Centre mark a new kind of publication, bringing together expert views, linked to the latest evidence, to provide a full picture of the kind of care and treatment all breast cancer patients in Europe should receive, from diagnosis, to treatment and beyond.


With some outline of the initiatives by leading societies to improve the quality of cancer care received by breast cancer patients, this virtual meeting shared what every health system should be striving to achieve with respect to such issues as:

  • Ensuring true multidisciplinary care for breast cancer patients, including access to supportive care professionals; and.
  • Guaranteeing breast cancer patients are treated in appropriately specialised centres operating to robust standards and requirements.

With inputs from the patient perspective and influencers of the political agenda in Europe, the meeting also gave opportunity for participants to convey their viewpoint as part of a shared dialogue on the next steps for advancing high quality cancer care for every breast cancer patient in Europe.